Token: view from different stakeholders

Token  —  founder’s tool for achieving project goals The tokenomics of a project is developed taking into account the needs of founders and is aimed at solving the tasks of the project of

Stablecoins: a haven of calm in a volatile sea

The growing need for stablecoins With the ongoing digitization of the financial sector, digital currencies have become central. However, volatility remains a major issue for these currencies. This is where stablecoins enter the

The most common mistakes in fundraising

Fundraising is a crucial aspect of every company's activities, as it allows them to attract additional funds for operation and growth. However, many companies, both startups and established players in the

The art of investor relations

Introduction Effective investor relations are important to the success of any startup or business seeking external investment. It is an art form that requires the careful cultivation of connections, strategic communication, and a

Key points of planning strategic moves for GameFi

Speaking about the Web3 world, one cannot forget to mention the GameFi industry, which is growing at an incredible pace every year. In 2023, the revenue of the gaming industry amounted to USD