FTX: an ambiguous end to a 1.5-year-long story

Key takeaways * FTX has been growing and gaining popularity since 2019, becoming one of the major centralized exchanges in 2021. * The FTX collapse occurred within 10 days in November 2022. The main reasons

Tokenomics review. Chainlink

What is tokenomics, and why is it important?  The study of the economic models underlying a cryptocurrency token or other digital asset is known as tokenomics. It includes several elements, such as the

Trends and market conditions impacting startup fundraising

Key takeaways * Over the past two years, foreign economic uncertainty and crypto-winter have changed the investing landscape. * The annual volume of venture investments in Web3 projects decreased by 74% year-over-year (2022 – $26.6B

Developing a comprehensive fundraising strategy for startups

Introduction Raising funding is critical for emerging startups with big ideas but no existing cash flow. However, many founders underestimate the need of developing adequate fundraising strategies that go beyond simply watching videos

Blast L2 solution

A quick forenote: why is Blast worth discussing? In contrast to conventional rollups, Blast has a unique method for staking payouts. The network rewards all users who deposit ETH into the protocol, as